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Heliotrope Hotel is a 4 star hotel complex with 62 rooms.

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The Heliotrope Hotel is 4 star hotel complex with 62 rooms .

Apart from the rooms , facilities consist of two restaurant rooms , four semi-outdoor bar, outdoor pool bar, a swimming pool with integrated whirlpool and independent child , conference rooms with full audio-visual equipment, fully equipped second kitchen for culinary presentations and ample free parking.

In all the halls and rooms have free coverage in high speed wireless internet and are oriented in such a way as to have uninterrupted views of the pool, the sea and the castle of the city.

The Heliotrope Hotel is located in Mytilene, 3 km south of the city center, on the coast road – Airport City Centre, in the seaside suburb of Varia, the most picturesque suburb of Mytilene, not only because of the presence of the sea but also because of the many mansions of the 19th century specific architecture, unique in Greece .

Hotel Sunflower although it has modern lines, but is aesthetically perfect harmony with these special, Joint European architectural artifacts.

Sure it is ideal to stay whoever visited the island on vacation or for work, with 24-hour reception, lift access to all rooms, disabled facilities and luggage storage.

Mytilene and Lesvos island

Varia is a beautiful, flat, suburb of Mytilene, which is 3.5km south of the city and near the airport of the island of Lesvos.

The lush environment has made it one of the most densely populated suburbs.

Walking the quiet streets will encounter old neoclassical buildings alternate harmony with the new buildings and chapels there since centuries to remind us that Varia was a bastion of Christianity and culture.

There are still old typical towers, where they passed their summers in the affluent years of Gatelouz.

It is beachfront and has several modern and neoclassical buildings and a small, picturesque harbor that serves the needs of professional and amateur fishermen in the area. The summer crowd overwhelms the beaches for swimming.

In Varia born most notorious, folk, self-taught painter Theofilos and there, in a large olive grove – Contribute Lesvios critic Paris, Stratis Eleftheriadis – Teriant are homonyms and Theofilos museums and contemporary art .

In the museum there are Theophilus and forth over eighty works by the artist and the museum of modern art’s many works of modern painters such as Matisse, Picasso, etc.

Even in this area there are the premises of the University of the Aegean.

Mytilene is the capital of Lesvos. The town of Mytilini was first founded on the small island where the Enetic castle was later constructed.

Herodotus dates the foundation of the town, in his work » Homer’s Life», 130 years after the conquest of Troy, that is to say around 1053 a. C., if the conquest of Troy took place in 1183, as historians say. Mytilene reached her highest development around the 7th-6th century with the philosopher Pittakos and the poets Alkeos and Sapho.

Mytilene got her name by one of Makaras” daughters, the island” s first colonist.

The Municipality of Mytilene consists of the villages Agia Marina, Taxiarches, Loutra, Panagiouda, Moria, Alyfanta, Afalonas, Pamphila and the city of Mytilene. It is about 188 miles from Piraeus and it has about 25000 inhabitants.

Impressive buildings of a neo-classic architecture, historical monuments, unique archaeological treasures, like the mosaic-works found at Menandros” s House (exhibited now at the Archaeological Museum) and the natural hot springs compose a rich cultural context. In the centre of Mytilene we will find the Ministry of the Aegean Sea, the Regional Administration of the North Aegean Sea and the Central Administration of the University of the Aegean Sea.

The construction operations of the waste treatment system, not only contribute to the improvement of the quality of the citizens” life but they also contribute to the discovery of archaeological treasures found in the centre of Mytilini during the operations. These archaeological treasures are exhibited either at modern museums or at specially equipped open – air spaces that are impressive and have a unique historical value.The town” s foundations are extended over seven adjoining hills. The centre of the town is divided into three main parts: Kioski, which is a very beautiful suburb, the central old neighbourhoods and the west neighbourhoods. The efforts of the authorities to reconstruct the centre of the town and to adapt the needs of the Municipality of Mytilene to the demands of the new century are remarkable. Kioski, the old aristocratic suburb of Mytilini where we can find the new Archaeological Museum, is not far away from the Enetic Castle.

The Castle was situated on the isolated, by the channel of Euripus, part of Mytilini and seemed like a small island. The channel of Euripus, along which there were a lot of bridges, had been uniting, in the past, the south port to the north port dividing, this way, Mytilini in two parts. At Kioski there are still authentic mansions of a traditional Lesbian architecture. The main street that goes through Kioski leads to the north port, where we can see the shattered quay and other ruins of the past. In a small distance from there, there were found ancient ruins and the entrance of the channel that was mentioned above.

Important ruins of ancient and roman structures are also discovered in the north part of Mytilini.

Along the coast that starts from the Custom House (Teloneio), the visitor has the possibility to enjoy an interesting stroll, during which he will have the chance to admire the mansion, where the old Archaeological Museum is established, the beach that belongs to the Greek Touristic Organism (EOT), the small and clean beach, called » t” apeili», and above that, on a small hill among the pine trees, the bust of Sapho, the poetess, worked out artistically and given to the Municipality of Mytilini by the American artist Erietta Fors.

Lesvos belongs to the islands of the Eastern Aegean Sea and it’s the third largest Greek island after Crete and Euboea.

It occupies an area of 1,630 square Km and its coastline stretches for about 370 km. Lesvos lies in front of the Adramytte Gulf at a distance of 5-8miles from the Asia Minor coasts.

The island of Lesvos belongs to the Prefecture of Lesvos together with the islands of Lemnos, Saint Efstratios and the islets around them to the northern. There are two Gulfs : the Gulf of Gera and of Kalloni in the South, while a plethora of bays and capes surround it perimetrically.

At the highlands, there are torrents which flow through the plains : Tsikneas in the North, Tsichleotas in the West, Mylopotamos in the central and Sedoundas, Almyropotamos in the South.

The western Lesvos in comparison with the rest, is barren with the exception of small green patches, but the eastern and central part of the island is full of olive groves ( 11 millions of olive trees ), forests of pine-, chestnut-, oak-, breech- and plane- trees.

Also the Lesvian countryside is covered with an endless variety of herbs and aromatic plants. Generally the flora is extremely rich.

Accordingly to the Mythology, the first inhabitants of Lesvos were the tribe of Pelasgeans, who gave to the island its initial name «Pelasgia».

During the Prehistoric age the island had been called with various names like «Makaria», «Lassia», «Aeolis», «Ethiope», but its final name «Lesvos» is due to the man «Lesvos», son of the hero Lapitho, who came from Thessaly with his men. Even today, place-names with mythological origin survive, like «Mytilene», «Kalloni», «Antissa», «Eressos», «Mithymna».

The starting-point of Lesvos” history is lost in the centuries” fog. Archaeological excavations to the island brought to light the evidence that it had been inhabited since the early Neolithic times. In 1393-1184 BC it was conquered by the Achaeans while in 1110-1100 BC by the Aeoleans, who gave to its inhabitants their civilization and language, so the island is converted in a significant civilization center of the North – Eastern Aegean Sea.

During the Archaic period ( 7th – 6th century BC ), it is not only observed commercial and colonization activity, but flourishing cultural development as well.

After a difficult period of taking part in Greek wars and the island’s occupation from various tribes, in the year 88B.C. The Romans occupy Lesvos. A period of partial self-governing follows from the year 62B.C. till 70A.D., while during the division of the Roman Empire in Eastern and Western State, Lesvos is included in the Eastern or Byzantine State ( at the 17th Theme ).

During the Byzantine period ( 324-1453 ), Saracens, Venetian and Crusaders are frequently looting the island. In 1354 the island is given as dowry to the Genovese Francisco Gateluzo. Afterwards in the year 1462 it is occupied by the Ottomans and the economical and cultural declines.

During the period of the Turkish occupation ( 1462-1817 ), the island lives in darkness until the year 1912 – year of its liberation by the Greek navy. Finally it formally becomes part of the Greek State in 1923 after the signature of the Greek-Turkish Peace Treaty.

It’s worth-noticing that in the year 1922 after the Asia Minor Destruction, many refugees found shelter to the island, fact that contributed to the development and recreation of the island.

During the Second World War Germans occupied it from May 1941 until the liberation in September 1944. During the period 1950-1960 many inhabitants immigrate to foreign countries ( Western Europe and America ) because of economical problems.

The Lesvian and generally the Greek presence even though away from the home country continue till today to create and to keep its cultural unique identity.

Cafe-Bars and Restaurants

The restaurants and Cafe-Bars of the complex is uniquely decorated and ideally all sorts of activities, from a simple meal as receptions and banquets.

The restaurants and Cafe-Bars have not only indoors but also a beautiful terrace overlooking the endless Aegean.

All year, we organize musical evenings, where you can participate and enjoy music and dance of all kinds.

The area around the pool is a unique place of rest and relaxation, while the BarMan PoolBar will amaze you with incredible cocktails.

Social Events

Heliotrope Hotels are a dream location for any type of social event.

Engagements, weddings, baptisms, all the happy moments of couples and children, the smile and the joy of family tie with evening serenity of the resort and golden hues that paint the sea with the evening moon.

There are five warm enclosed spaces suitable to accommodate from 10 to 280 people in the summer around the pool can hold up to 400 people.

Conference Rooms

We offer a wide range of conference rooms, technological equipment and facilities, luxury restaurants and we provide superior service and carefully organized programs for daily trips to Lesvos Island.

Conferences, workshops, events are organized in the hotel’s halls, from various institutions, with the main aim of highlighting and promoting the natural and cultural wealth of Lesvos.

At the same time, the company operates a tour office, which has the possibility to offer services related to recreational activities that exploit and promote the natural and cultural wealth of the island.

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Our conference rooms are equipped as well as supervisory and audiovisual media such as:

• Tables
 Round tables
 Chair Covers
 Buffet Equipment
• Video Projector
• Screen
• Overhead Projector
• Slide Projector
• Flipchart
 CD & DVD Player
 Microphone and speaker installation
 Wired and Wireless Microphones
 Powered Speakers for indoors or outdoors
• Lapel Microphones (for presenters)
• Laptop
• WiFi Internet
• Trimming Lights (adjustable lighting rooms)

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